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On monday afternoon (15th) first time mum Lily gave birth to a lovely, dainty daughter. She is proving to be as brilliant at motherhood as her own mother, grandmother etc etc At the same time as Lily kidded- Ebonite started kidding but unfortunately it was not as straightforward. Two big males and the first one wrongly presented. Sadly he couldn't be saved from the traumatic birth but the second kid came correctly and alive. It has taken a while to get him to suckle without assistance but fingers crossed, he seems to have got the hang of it now.

Yesterday (16th) Bunty started kidding but was obviously not making progress and upon investigation I discovered the reason - number one kid trying to come rump first. Luckily I managed to lift his hind legs and got him out in the better breech presentation. His twin brother came correctly and they are both doing well. Phew! Now I can relax and spend more time enjoying all the kids. Just a couple of late kiddings left now - one mid March and one mid-April.

Lily guarding over her new daughter (sire: M.Everest)


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