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"My goats are my passion, and I keep them purely for pleasure.   I maintain a carefully planned breeding program, with the aim of producing good quality examples of the breed.
Each year I take time to select the kids I want to retain in the herd for future breeding, but inevitably there will be some which I must part with - either to other breeders or to suitable pet homes"   
Two lovely wether kids For Sale
Ready to leave now (18/9)   
For More Information Contact me;
Tel. 07934666347
*  You must have a CPH number for your property - before you can own pygmy goats.
**Two pet pygmy goats will require a minimum outside area of 20m² (as recommended by Buttercups Goat Sanctuary) plus a suitable house of at least 8' x 6'.  You can find more information on keeping pygmy goats here.
***Please note:  I do not export my goats.